ESARQ | Estudio Swiecicki Arquitectos : Arquitectura Corporativa


We believe it is our responsibility to design high-performing, resource-efficient, and overall healthy buildings. To do so we focus on energy saving, water conservation, solar radiation, material recycling, waste treatment, amongst other sustainable methods.


Eager to guarantee these standards, since 2012 ESARQ applies LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) standards on all projects. To further deepen into sustainable design, the firm constantly trains its team through LEED workshops entitled "Aplicación Práctica del Sistema LEED".


Since 2012, we assumed the responsibility to design and build with energy-saving criteria, to take on an active participation in the reduction of a building's impact on the environment not only through its design but also during its construction and throughout its lifecycle.


In order to encourage sustainable design and construction, the firm is a member of the AGBC (Argentina Green Building Council).


We currently work in fourteen LEED projects all over the country which add up to 86.700 m2, both certified or close to certifying LEED New Construction, Standard, Silver and Gold.